Voice Over Career Tips for Freshers - FAQ

This article highlights some of the Frequently asked questions, Queries, asked by Aspiring Voice Artists & also features some tips & advices for Freshers who want to work in Voice Over & Dubbing Industry. The answers are the personal opinions of the Author ( Deepak Agnihotri ) in Context of Indian Voice Over Industry, based on an Experience of around 17 years in Multimedia, Production Houses, TV Channels, Films & Studios.
Q1. Is there any Age limit to apply as a Voice Artist ?
A 1. No, Any body can apply; from a kid, adult to an Aged person as long as you have a clear voice, language command & ofcourse how to work.
Q2. Is there any Qualification or Certificate required to apply ?
A2. No. Voice Over / Dubbing is totally a Talent based Industry. Real Voice Artists, who are working in the Industry for years actually have no Certificates as such. The Only judgment factor to get work in this Industry is your Voice Samples. Nobody will look into your CV, Qualification & Certificates etc.
Q3. People say that I have a good voice so I want to apply for work.
A3. Making career in this Industry is a serious game. It is never advisable to approach for work when you are unprepared or have no idea of Industry & are only depending on basic elements like having good voice or good communication skills.
Q 4. Is there a Competition in this business?
A 4. No & Yes. This is a Quality Game. Here only those survive who have the real talent & know how of the Industry. There are so many people claiming to be Voice Artists. Many directly want to apply or are willing to work on low cost, or even for free. In Voice Over Industry those people who have the right talent repeatedly get the Mainstream work. So for example on an average if there are 100 claming to be voice artists, there will be only 10 amongst them who actually are the Artist Material & they will be hired repeatedly for commercial projects. For less professional work people are ready to work even from home from few hundreds to thousands rupees or even free of cost.
Q5. I can sound like that TV Ad guy, or make voices like cartoons so I want to apply, as I think I can well modulate my voice very well & I have that confidence.
A5. As a Production House, on an average we get around 10 enquires though emails, whatsapp etc from people who want to apply only on the basis of Instinct. It is advisable for such people to hire some sound recording studio & make a demo reel for applying & never send mobile recordings directly. Remember that no Studio will give you a second chance in this field. So directly approaching the studio for work while you unprepared has its potential risk. It is advisable the demo samples must not have any background music unless you have worked for some Projects. Duration should be 30, 40sec less than a minute voice samples. Don't send mobile recording voice samples as your demo.
Q6. What is the way to Become a Voice Artist ? Should I join some Institute ? Is Training Mandatory ?
A6. There are only two ways to become a Voice Artist.
  1. Learning the Craft by Experience if you trust on your capabilities & also if you get some production environment where you can get exposure, which obliviously can be time consuming & apart from that without a Mentor you will not have any direction. If you dont want to spend money you can take this route.
  2. To get trained by a Voice Over Artist, who is known by the Quality of His/Her Voice Samples, Videos, Work etc. A Professional Voice Over Trainer whose work you have seen can undoubtedly shorten your path & provide you direct Industry knowledge & current trends about which it would be difficult to learn on Internet, Tutorials, or Institute classes etc. A word of Caution here -

    It is a Well known fact in the Entertainment Industry that many people, who lure people of quick stardom. Promises of making you Actors, Voice Artists etc in few days or weeks are very common in Metropolitan cities like Mumbai & Delhi. One should thoroughly enquire such places/ people, because most likely you will come out to findings like – such people who promise you quick success & work are the ones who themselves have not been able to make a mark in industry or do the mainstream work, so to survive themselves in this field they start to sell the Dreams they once looked for themselves. A foolproof method to verify such place/ person is to look into their work profile rather than blindly trusting their words. For example If somebody claims you to make an Actor in few days you should check his Acting work first, if somebody tells you make you a Voice Artist in a day or few hours, check their voice samples, you will automatically come to know the truth. Only a Real Actor can tell you how much time & effort it takes to Learn Acting. These days people are in hurry, so initially they join such places & then blame the Luck or blame the Industry. There is nothing to be blamed, to be successful in this Industry you only need the right talent, & once you have acquired that Good Luck will automatically follow.

Q7. I don't have any past Experience of any Studio of Film, is there any hope I can get work with you. I don't have Studio demo. Is it full time or part time job ?
A7. Although nobody will ask you about any Experience, but no body will even call you directly without listening to you Studio recordings. Its a part time freelance work. For those who do projects regularly it becomes their mainstream source of Income.
Q8. We are a group of 6 Students in Mumbai & have done Mass Comm, we need Internship in Voice Over ?
A8. Voice Over Work depends on individual's performance & perfection, not on trail & error basis. Internships don't happen in this field.
Q9. How can I apply for work at deepakvoice.com ? I don't have samples can't I come directly to give test of my voice ?
A9. If you don't have ur studio demo reel mostly likely you are not a voice artist, Every studio will ask for your samples rather than directly calling you for work or audition. In case of Dubbing, Voice Acting or cartoon work even after your samples are approved you might still need to go for audition & based on your performance you will get the work.
Q10. How can deepakvoice.com help you become a Voice Artist ?
A10. We can provide you Work, Assignments, Demo reels, Free assement auditions, & Training in Film Studio as per your need. We weekly conduct Free Auditions for aspiring people, in free feedback is given on personal basis based on your audition & On how you can take the further course of action. We make films in all Indian/ Foreign languages across the world & require VO Artists accordingly. You can have the opportunity to work with us. We also provide 1 & half months Training Program dedicated to Voice Over & Film Industry. The Training is provided on Individual basis directly by Deepak Agnihotri (having around 17 years of Experience in the same Business). We welcome you to browse through our Video gallery & voice samples on the home page & get connected with us on the facebook link for Regular Production updates, auditions etc.
If you still have any queries feel free to whatsapp or call at : 9810269265, 9990337337, Email at : deepakagnihotri@gmail.com

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