Courses : Voice Over & Voice Over+

1.Voice Over

In this Course we mainly cover Voiceovers or Narrations which requires the Voice Artist to read Scripts for a Visual Content like Corporate Films, Documentaries, E- Learning etc as a Story Teller and incase where Visual content is not there like in radio ads, radio spots, jingles help create visuals with the power of Voice acting.
Voice Over is fairly complex and challenging job, which requires a combination of multiple skills like a good Voice, Creativity, Imagaination, Excellent voice acting abilities, clear Voice projection, an ability to adapt to characters outside an individual’s personality, good command over the language of performance, pronunciation, diction etc.

Career options in Voice Over Industry

  • Voice overs for TV Commercials, (TVCs), Promos, Ads
  • Voice overs for Radio Jingles and Radio Commercials
  • Radio Anchoring for Radio shows
  • Narration for Corporate Film presentations
  • Movie Trailers Voice Artist
  • Mimicry Artist & Stand up Comedy
  • Voice over for Mobile (IVRS) Interactive Voice Response Systems
  • Voice overs for youtube Self Explainer Video Digital films, short films etc
  • Voice overs for E learning modules and Audio Books

TV Promo/ Radio

TV Commercials (TVC), Radio Spots, Promos, Teasers, Imaging, Breaks, Station Ids & Movie Trailers

TVC Voiceovers are commonly used in ads across the world, and they are used to boost the Product Value or the communication of factual messages. Whenever there is a new product in the market, or there is an upcoming series, promotion is necessary to get the word out. There are two major media available through which advertising can be done - Television & Radio

Television Advertisements

TV ads are generally more expensive, but can target a larger audience. Visuals, Actors, Graphics, text and other visuals are important to an advertisement’s effectiveness. Also, the audio must match the visual content of the ad. The voice over for a TV spots enhances the spot rather than driving the spot. The voice is there to support the visuals, and should not overpower them. The Script or Copy for a TV Advertisement is often much shorter than for a radio spot, and it can even be as little as few words.

2. Voice Over + Dubbing

Dubbing is an important part of film production, because in most filming sessions, actors or props often create sounds that don't sound the way they are intended for the viewer.

Dubbing, as opposed to simple voice-over, requires syncing the lip movements of the actors with the voice of the translated version. Dubbing, in filmmaking or Cartoon dubbing, is the process of adding new dialogue or other sounds to the sound track of a motion picture that has already been shot. Dubbing requires the voice actor to match her/ his voice with either an actor on screen or an animated character and often, lip sync the dialogues and expressions exactly as per the visual on the screen. Dubbing is most familiar to audiences as a means of translating foreign-language films into the audience’s language. When a regional or foreign language is dubbed, the translation of the original dialogue is carefully matched to the lip movements of the actors in the film. Dubbed sound tracks rarely equal the artistic quality of original foreign-language sound tracks, however, and hence subtitles may be preferred by viewers as a means of understanding the dialogue in foreign films. Below are some of the Videos highlighting the Process of Dubbing in Sound Studio in Delhi. We provide Dubbing & voice over recording services in all Indian & Foreign Languages. In dubbing the Scripting part in different languages plays a crucial role. Good acting & voice acting skills, dialogue delivery, lip sync, timing and emotion are the key requirements. This course is the Extension of First Course namely - Voice Overs. In this budding Artists are taught after they have learnt about Voice Over, all the techniques of dubbing, role plays, characterisation, script analysis etc. As this is not an Institute type of traditional training you get a chance to work on our film Projects at our agency. (

Career options in Dubbing Industry

  • Dubbing for Animation Films and Serials from Foreign to Indian Languages
  • Dubbing for Live action Films and Cartoon films
  • Voice over and Dubbing for Documentaries
  • Mimicry Artist Impersonation & Stand up Comedy


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