About us

Deepak Agnihotri School of Voice Over & Dubbing is a part of Leading Voice Over agency - deepakvoice.com.
The main objective of the training school is provide practical Industry oriented training in Voice overs, Dubbing, Acting, Communication, Public Speaking & performing arts. The Training is provided in Delhi & Online as well.
We offer Intensive courses in Voice Over, Dubbing & Public Speaking.
As a part of Leading Voice Over Agency catering to voice over works in all Indian & International Languages, our students, based on their voice talent also get chance to work on our productions & also become a part of our voice artists bank.
The training is provided directly by Professional Voice Over Artist Deepak Agnihotri with an experience of around 17 years in the industry, on individual basis in all the aspects of Voice Over, Dubbing & Film Industry. Our various productions can be checked on our main website at : www.deepakvoice.com
Why Choose Deepak Agnihotri School of Voice Over & Dubbing ?
While choosing a Voice Over Course the most Important thing is to Ensure that you get Voice Over Training by the Person who Himself/ herself is an Established Voice Artist first, ie. he or she should be doing Voice Overs as the Main Stream Profession. You must also listen his/ her voice over samples & then go for it because after the training you will be judged only on the basis of voice samples. Mostly Professional Voice Over Artists have time constraints so you should be cautious to not fall prey to people who themself don't do Voice Overs at all claim to make you Voice Artist Over night. We are not a regular voice over training institute, here you are assured that you get training in professional environment, where the actual work is going on & also get training by professionals who work on projects on daily basis.

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Voice Over Sound , Audio Recording Studio Deepak Agnihotri deepakvoice.com - Voice Over Training workshops

What we Do

Voice Overs for Films/ Narrations/ Documenteries

deepakvoice.com is India's Leading Voice Over Agency & a preferred choice of Film Makers, Video Editors, Directors.

Translation Services in all Indian Regional & Foreign Languages

Alongwith voice over, audio & sound recording studio we also deal in Transaltion of Scripts in all Indian regional & Foreign languages

Voice Over Training

We provide Voice Over training in Delhi, NCR to Freshers who want to work in Voice Over Industry. Training is directly given by Deepak Agnihotri on individual basis. To watch our voice over training workshop videos click here.

Film & Cartoon Dubbing services in all Indian & Foreign Languages

We take undertake of dubbing & Lip syncing of Films in all Indian & Foreign languages with the help of team of our Translators, transcriptors & Sound Editors.